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I en tid hvor fremmøde er begrænset af Covid-19, er der heldigvis man gode muligheder for online læring og inspiration. I vil herunder finde information om internationale arrangementer. De herunder anførte webinars udbydes ikke af Danske IT-Advokater. Vi kan derfor ikke være behjælpelig med tilmelding eller spørgsmål.

Knut Selmer Memorial lecture:

The Norwegian Association for Computers and Law (NFJE) and the Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and Law (NRCCL) invites you to attend the Knut Selmer Memorial lecture on Monday November 23rd at 17.15 (CET)

In this lecture, Professor Karen Yeung, University of Birmingham, will give us some interesting insight into an on-going 4-year collaborative inter-disciplinary project on algorithmic systems. She will discuss more specifically  “The constitutional dangers of algorithmic decision-making systems in the criminal justice domain”.

The memorial lecture by will be held in the form of a webinar and does not require registration. Here is the link to the webinar


Australian Society for Computers and Law:

Dear IFCLA Colleagues

It is with pleasure that I invite you to a timely discussion this Monday (5PM) between Professor Richard Buckland and Associate Professor Vanessa Teague (ANU) on Democracy in the Digital Age. Ideal for those who want to understand more about the impact of technology on democracy and hear two leading experts discuss how data and algorithms are creating fundamental shifts, from shaping voter behaviour to leaving systems vulnerable to foreign interference and manipulation. Can eVoting systems be designed to preserve democracy or is every result contestable? This discussion could not be more urgent, with the US Presidential elections just days away.

You can read the bios of our speakers via the registration link.

All welcome to attend. Please share with your networks.
Register today

Recording will be made available to those who register: I appreciate that the timezones may not work for all, so if you are interested please nevertheless register and we will endeavour to make a copy of the recording available sometime after the event.

Please help promote the event: We would be grateful for your help in promoting the event. You may do so by liking or commenting on our post.

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